Hello and welcome to The Home Front – the official blog of the University of Birmingham’s War Studies Society – or WarSoc. As explained in the “About” section, this blog is all about providing information about the War Studies society, and also providing an open forum in which WarSoc members can upload articles they’ve written, and discuss issues relating to one of the most intriguing courses offered at British Universities today.

If you have stumbled upon this blog and are not a member of WarSoc, welcome anyway! We hope you find some of the articles here of interest, and please do feel free to join in the discussion that is bound to take place here (he says hopefully).

The exact content of this blog is yet to be determined. I myself hope to post interesting (and probably controversial) ideas over the coming months, and I’m pleased to announce that our secretary Nick will also be making semi-regular contributions. All members of the society are welcome to submit articles, please email them to me to be posted (if you dont know my email, please ask, or send them to the society email – war@guild.bham.ac.uk)

All that leaves me to say is good luck with the oncoming exams, and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side!

Dave (VP WarSoc)