Something I’ve planned for sometime to start on this blog but haven’t quite found the time was a running column exploring the wealth of knowledge and ideas that can be found on the topic of warfare and state security in the vast reaches of the internet. About 2 years ago I started dipping my toes in the world of mil-blogging and have since spent countless hours scouring the internets reading many interesting pieces and articles. This column will by no means be an exhaustive exploration of the field but simply an introduction to some of the more (in)famous blogs or just ones I find fun and worth a read. One won’t have to take a lot of time to work their way from blog to blog discovering many new things such as I have. To Kick this off I’ll start with a blog, that by now everyone who reads this blog should have been exposed too:

Wired Magazine’s: Danger Room

A blog that really should need little in the way of introduction to anyone that read even a fraction of the articles I shared on our Facebook group last year. One of the first major military related blogs I stumbled across sometime ago, it has continued maintain an exceptional standard both in terms of its broad range of content as well as its exceptional reporting from some of the most promising digital journalists around.  This blog has (with good reason) been at the top of my list of daily reads for over 2 years now and has provided some exceptional commentary on military technology and development as well as exceptional frontline reporting.

Must Read Article: How the Afghan Air War Got Stuck in the Sky*

*Seriously, I can’t recommend highly enough that you read that article, even though times have changed a bit its a great piece.