Today were going to look at one of my favorites, a blog I’ve been a fan of for several years but have kept largely to myself, sort of like the favorite Indie Rock band you think is great but want to keep within your own little clique. First and foremost it should be said this blog has by far the best header/back round/mascot of any blog I’ll post on here.

More beneath the cut.

Abu Muqawama (Arabic for ‘father or expert of the resistance’) is a terrific blog written primarily by Andrew Exum. Exum a former US Army Ranger and veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Exum is at present completing his Phd on Counter-Insurgency in Lebanon at KCL and is also a Fellow at the Center for a New American Security one of the most influential think tanks in the D.C. area. Widely regarded as one of the brightest Middle East analysts in the U.S., his blog focuses mostly on the current application of Counter-Insurgency theory in today’s campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having served as a analyst and advisor to both the President Obama’s election campaign as well as having participated in Gen. McChrystal’s strategic review of the conflict in Afghanistan he provides exceptional insight into todays conflict as well as a great deal of information on scholarship in the field of counter-insurgency (COIN), in addition to commentary on all manner of contemporary issues in the Middle East.

Recommended Article: Exum and Foust on Tactics in Afghanistan Here Exum engages in a bit of a scholarly debate with Josh Foust, about how one can assess the significance of lower level tactics being employed in Afghanistan, in relation to broader operational and strategic objectives. Its a terrific piece, Foust is also a bright analyst who also writes for the Registan blog that focuses on social, political and military issues within Central/Western Asia.