Formed in January 2010, The War Studies Society (or WarSoc) is a Guild approved departmental student society. Our purpose is fourfold:

1) Provide representation for all War Studies students at the University of Birmingham, both within the Guild of Students and the university itself.

2) Provide support for all War Studies students in the form of an open forum to discuss course related issues.

3) Organise and hold events and activities for all UoB War Studies students, both for social and educational purposes.

4) Raise awareness of what is presently quite a small and unknown course, both nationally and within the University.

This blog provides important information relating to the Society and its events, but is also a forum for members to discuss any War Studies related issue, contemporary or otherwise. Non-members of the society are however more than welcome to contribute to discussions on this blog. Submissions are welcome from all WarSoc members, and can be submitted by email to Dave Glenwright, Nick Prime, or to the society itself at, we would also welcome regular contributors, if you are interested in doing so please contact Nick or Dave and we can help get you squared away.

The Committee

Running WarSoc and ensuring it’s smooth operation is a team of 4 War Studies students from across the 3 years of the undergraduate program. They are:

Chris – Chairman –

Dave – Vice Chairman – Dave is a first year undergraduate originally from rural Bedfordshire. Having had a keen interest in military history from a young age, he was instantly drawn to War Studies after hearing a lecture from one of the departments professors. As Vice Chairman, Dave manages the WarSoc blog, and ensures the Society keeps in line with Guild of Student regulations.

Nick – Secretary – Nick is a first year undergraduate hailing from the United States, with a longstanding interest in contemporary military history and international security. As Secretary, Nick is a primary editor and contributor to the WarSoc blog, as well as working to promote both the society and blog, as a means to creating a broader, more interactive War Studies community within the University.

Robin – Treasurer

*Note* Whilst WarSoc is a Guild approved society at the University of Birmingham, the views and opinions held within this blog are those of the authors stated, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Guild of Students, the War Studies department, or the University of Birmingham